Video scripts

Independent: E-ON Next

Decomplicated is a video series by UK publisher The Independent. It aims to make complex subjects simple through explainer videos. I was commissioned to write a video script for this branded content partnership with energy firm E-ON Next, explaining renewable energy and its role in the UK's energy transition.

Independent: Wessex Water

I was commissioned to write a video script for this branded content partnership with Wessex Water, which explains how sewage systems work, why dirty water ends up in waterways and what the company is doing to modernise.

Independent: Buxton

Buxton launched a partnership with mental health charity Mind in 2023. I was commissioned to write the script for this video, exploring the impact and importance of hydration for physical and mental wellbeing.

Science in Sport: Manchester United ad

Science in Sport is the world's leading endurance brand. In 2018 it entered the world of football in an attempt to teach amateur footballers how to fuel for performance like professionals. I used their partnership with Manchester United to script and direct this short social media advert, which showed the benefits of energy gels for both elite and amateur footballers.