Alec Fenn

Journalist | Copywriter | Ghostwriter

What I do

I write words in different formats for national publications, B2B and B2C brands and influential figures across, sport, business, technology, health and fitness and more and have done for over a decade.

I specialise in turning complex subjects into compelling content that engages and persuades readers, consumers and decision makers from the first word until the last.

Who I've worked with

What I can do for you

Looking to win new clients, generate leads and PR opportunities? Whitepapers and reports are a great way to influence your audience.

Showcase your industry expertise, explain your services or tell your brand's story with engaging articles and blogs on your website.

I position B2B and B2C businesses as thought leaders through long-form, future-focused content and could do the same for yours.

Website, social media and YouTube videos require compelling scripts to tell your story on screen and keep your viewers watching.

Don't have time to write regular content for your blog, site or LinkedIn profile? My ghostwriting services could help.

Show off the impact your products, services and partnerships have had on your customers to build trust and win new business.

What my clients say

Alec has become one of our go-to journalists at Raconteur. He is reliable, a pleasure to work with and goes out of his way to understand what we need out of a brief. I particularly love his engaging, unique ledes and the interesting sources he manages to find. When Alec works on our sponsored content, he manages to balance the needs of the reader with the sponsor’s positioning and outlook. This makes for readable, insightful coverage. He has a knack for making complex topics readable.

Brittany Golob

Commercial Content Editor, Raconteur