The building blocks of sustainable cities

Nearly 38% of UK adults now split their working week between their offices and homes. But many of us live and work in buildings that lack sufficient ventilation and light, aren’t designed to stay cool in our increasingly hot climate, and use environmentally unfriendly materials. So, how can we build spaces that are healthy for people and the planet?

Buildings and the construction industry have a carbon dioxide problem. Figures from the World Green Building Council show that together, they’re re

Is Lahti's smartphone app the key to halting climate change?

A small city in southern Finland has developed a smartphone app that could dramatically reduce carbon emissions and help the planet to win its battle against climate change. Lahti is Finland's seventh biggest city and the European Green Capital for 2021 and last year embarked on an EU-funded project that aimed to kickstart the city's shift to a green economy. The CitiCAP project saw software developers create an innovative app that rewards users for reducing their carbon footprint by using susta