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How to train and fuel like a UFC fighter

Athletes normally look back on their sporting debuts with fondness, but for MMA fighter ‘Meatball’ Molly McCann, her UFC bow was the night she realised something had to change.

McCann accepted her debut fight on five weeks’ notice and needed to lose 35lbs before the bout to reach her target weight, but despite her best efforts it simply wasn’t enough.

She weighed in one pound over the lightweight limit of 127 pounds, which saw her fined 20% of the fee she was paid for the bout. The following

How do rugby players recover between games?

How do rugby players recover between games?

Rugby players are unique athletes. To perform at elite level, they require power to burst through and make tackles, agility to evade opponents and endurance to compete for 80 minutes.

They also need robust bodies that are capable of absorbing incredible amounts of force during collisions and recovering quickly in time for their next training session or match.

Speaking on the latest episode of Science in Sport’s From Paper to Podium podcast, featur

Rugby – Weight Management

How do rugby players manage their weight?

Tall, short, stocky. Rugby players come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and weights, with their physiques often tailored to the demands of their individual positions.

They’re also continuing to grow in size. Between 1994 and 2014, the average weight of an England rugby international increased from 92.4kg to 105.1kg.

The same trend has occurred across many other international teams, with strength and conditioning programmes and world-class nutrition enab

High performance secrets: New York City FC

In December 2021, New York City FC penned a new chapter in their history by winning the MLS for the first time with victory over Portland Timbers.

But what does it take to go from contenders to champions? And how can the club and its backroom staff now improve on that fairytale season and start a new era of repeated success?

Those are the questions the MLS winners’ human performance department are tasked with answering on a daily basis as they seek to improve the physical and mental output of

How to stay at your personal best

Millions of people have returned to gyms, swimming pools and sports clubs in recent weeks in search of their fitness fix – but training alone isn’t enough for you to reach peak physical health.

A balanced diet, quality sleep and hydration are vital to prepare and recover from sporting performance, but even then you may still need a little help to keep your body in tip top shape.

Hard bouts of training and competition can compromise your immune system and make it difficult to replenish your bod

How Harlequins fuelled the greatest comeback in Premiership history

It was a comeback that defied logic. Harlequins’ season was all but over as they trailed Bristol 28-0 after 30 minutes of their 2021 Premiership rugby semi-final before a miraculous revival.

Four second half tries saw Quins stun Bristol and level the scores at the end of normal time before they completed an incredible turnaround to win the game 43-36 after extra time.

Fans and pundits have since been asking the same question – how did Harlequins find the physical and mental fortitude to figh

Football fan gift ideas: The 10 best boots to buy this Christmas

Mud clogs your boots, but Nike’s innovative soleplate technology comes alive in the moisture to stop mud from gathering on the sole and studs.

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Apologies football fashionistas, but we don’t want you getting your white boots dirty. Slip into a little black number and dig in for the winter.

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Grippy internal traction pads will stop your feet from slipping inside the boot and help you keep your balance in wintry conditions

Get th

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