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Is Lahti's smartphone app the key to halting climate change?

A small city in southern Finland has developed a smartphone app that could dramatically reduce carbon emissions and help the planet to win its battle against climate change. Lahti is Finland's seventh biggest city and the European Green Capital for 2021 and last year embarked on an EU-funded project that aimed to kickstart the city's shift to a green economy. The CitiCAP project saw software developers create an innovative app that rewards users for reducing their carbon footprint by using susta

Female entrepreneurs thriving thanks to $654m business program

Men have traditionally been at the forefront of some of the world's biggest businesses but a special project is hoping to change that by helping women to start and grow their own brands. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development's Women in Business program provides funding and coaching for small and medium sized businesses that are owned by or led by women. Since 2014, the EBRD has provided $654 million of funding in 23 different countries and reached 35,000 women in nations where cul

How COVID-19 halted the rise of Uber and Airbnb

A little over a year ago it was difficult to imagine a world before Uber disrupted the taxi industry or Airbnb turned everyone's home into a potential holiday rental. But now that's all changed. Almost as quickly as both companies spread across towns and cities around the world, the demand for their services has been hit by the impact of the pandemic. COVID-19 measures have shrunk the number of Uber taxi bookings worldwide by 80 percent, resulting in 7,000 redundancies, a third of the company's

The robots that let you tour a London gallery from home

On Thursday, art galleries will close their doors as the UK enters its second national lockdown but innovative technology could offer them a lifeline. The Lobsteropolis exhibition at London's Saatchi Gallery allows visitors to access it from home using their smartphone or computer via a robot. Users can move the robot around the exhibition and even interact with other robot visitors. The creation is the brainchild of artist Philip Colbert, who came up with the idea at the start of the pandemic.

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